IR website best practices to help improve online communications

by Q4 Web Systems
Download as PDF Why Having a Better IR Website Matters
  • 75% of institutional investors and analysts use corporate websites on a weekly basis (1)
  • 95% of financial journalists access corporate and investor websites to research the companies they are writing about (2)
  • Provides stakeholders with your company's ongoing strategy for creating value
  • Gives stakeholders context, insight and interactive tools to clearly understand your business today and in the future

Source: 1) Rivel Research | 2) Bulldog Reporter/TEKGROUP International

Six Categories of IR Website Best Practices
  1. Make investor content easy to access
  2. Convey a compelling investment proposition
  3. Provide content in formats that engage investors
  4. Be accessible and offer multiple ways to stay connected
  5. Offer investor tools and package useful information
  6. Highlight social media channels and embed multimedia content

1. Make Investor Content Easy to Access
  • Companies should take into consideration three key audiences: potential, new and long-term
  • The investor site needs to consider all of these audiences in the way that the site is structured and the manner in which content is layered – from walking a potential investor through the investment proposition to permitting long-term investors to get timely information fast

Make Investor Content Easy to Access - Example
  • Homepage Integration of Investor Content

    Teekay* uses their homepage to highlight key messages that take into consideration all key investor audiences.

    For example, the ‘Why Invest' targets potential investors, while current and long-term investors are given direct access to the information they seek through the ‘Latest News' and ‘Events' tabs.

    *Q4 Client

    To see 4 more examples of this best practice download the whitepaper.

2. Convey a Compelling Investment Proposition
  • Companies should be able to effectively articulate why a person should invest in them
  • More companies are incorporating a ‘Why Invest' section on their IR website
  • Companies are also providing background and context on their business in the ‘About'; ‘Our Company'; ‘Industry Overview'; and ‘At- A-Glance' sections
  • Others are also detailing their ‘Objectives'; ‘Mission Statement' and ‘Strategy' overview

Convey a Compelling Investment Proposition - Example

3. Provide Content in Formats that Engage Investors
  • Leading companies are making reports available in a variety of formats such as summary quarterly reports, online HTML versions and video updates
  • ‘Fast Facts' is a great feature to use on the company index or ‘About Us' page – imagery and relational links enhance this feature
  • Scorecards (or some form of measurement over time) are increasingly being used to show how effectively companies are executing their strategy

Provide Content in Formats that Engage Investors – Example

4. Be Accessible & Offer Multiple Ways to Stay Connected
  • Companies are using many tools to make themselves more accessible to investors and increase awareness about their brands
  • Emerging best practice tools include interactive calendars; a glossary of terms and a FAQ section
  • RSS feeds and email alerts are more prevalent with the option to subscribe to specific information such as news releases, events and presentations

Be Accessible & Offer Multiple Ways to Stay Connected - Example
  • Email Alerts and RSS Feeds

    More companies are now offering segmented email alerts that allow users to select the type of information they want.

    For example, TVI Pacific* has a comprehensive ‘Connect with Us' page with integrated RSS feeds so investors can sign up for news releases, events and presentations.

    *Q4 Client

    To see 5 more examples of this best practice download the whitepaper.

5. Offer Investor Tools & Package Useful Information
  • The right investor tools can help to effectively aid communication and engage users
  • The Investor Briefcase is a common feature that lets investors choose the items they are most interested in and view them in a summary area
  • Some emerging trends include analytical tools and historical lookup that make it easy to download and analyze key financial information
  • A number of companies are also using tools that allow users to sort, filter and search information

Offer Investor Tools & Package Useful Information - Example

6. HighlightSocialMedia&EmbedMultimediaContent
  • Incremental use of social media for Investor Relations has resulted in an increase in the number of issuers integrating social media with their website
  • Some companies are posting social media channels on the homepage of their IR website
  • A number of companies are providing links to all of the social networks via a ‘Stay Connected', ‘Connect With Us' or ‘Follow Us' approach
  • Some are also using SlideShare and YouTube to publish a presentation or video and embedding it on the IR website

Highlight Social Media & Embed Multimedia Content - Example
  • Embed Social Media Content

    Providing pictures and videos can help investors get a better understanding of the underlying business of the company.

    For example, Magma Energy* makes good use of multimedia by displaying videos and photos of their operations in action. These photos and videos are also published on social media sites Flickr and Vimeo.

    *Q4 Client

    To see 5 more examples of this best practice download the whitepaper.

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