Interactivity is key

by Rita Scott
Download as PDF Interactivity is key to great online investor reporting for Rita Scott (Elemental Interactive, U.S.A.):

> Interactivity is key to great online investor reporting, especially for individual investors.
The attention a company pays to its IR site demonstrates that management is sensitive to all investors' needs. An online presence is the best way to provide the same information to all investors at the same time -maintaining a level playing field.

> Being present online also helps (re)defining the company identity, corporate brand and management ideals.

> An online strategy gives a means to proactively communicate better information, in real time. The ability to access information, without the filter of the media or an analyst, is very important for most investors. All stakeholders now expect to access it quickly and easily. Not providing it is becoming unacceptable.
Investors now want almost one-on-one access to CEO or at least management teams. An online strategy gives the sense of accessibility to management.

> Key examples of greater vehicles for investor reporting are: up-to-date press releases, web casts and annual meetings all accessible through an online IR site.

With offices in Atlanta, GA and Edwards, CO, Elemental Interactive specializes in helping companies communicate effectively with their critical stakeholders by leveraging the power of the Internet and other interactive technologies. Online annual reports and investor web sites are a major output. Recent corporate web-design works incl. Aflac, Avaya, Coca-Cola, General Motors, IBM, Motorola. Elemental also received a silver award for Ameritrade online report design. (name changed to UNBOUNDARY in 2005: )

First published 2001. With permission. All rights reserved. Copying articles and commentaries for other than personal or internal company use is prohibited. Quoting is authorized with appropriate reference.

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