Privacy ( takes your privacy seriously and is firmly committed to privacy, the responsible use of information, and the need to safeguard the privacy of our clients and visitors to our website. is actively compliant with and committed to privacy provisions worldwide.
One of the illustrations of our policy is our corporate practice of not disclosing our clients’ names, except when asked in one-on-one meetings or for individual reference purposes.
This statement sets out’s privacy policy for the use and holding of personal information that is provided to and or via by you as a user of this website or services.

What information do we gather?
The type of client/visitor information collects may include a name, work address, telephone numbers, e-mail address and any other relevant contact details. We may also collect information about the use of our products and services, any preferences that we are told about, or information that is submitted voluntarily to us, such as requests for further information in a specific area of interest, report or customer surveys, and related registration for a conference or event.
Information may also be indirectly collected through access logs or cookies. This information is used to enhance your visit to our site. It does not personally identify you and we do not collect sensitive information, such as your political or religious beliefs, ethnic background, sexual preference, or any other.

Why would we collect this information and how do we use it?
The personal information that is provided by or obtained from you is used and/or held by us for maintaining our records and in order that we can communicate with you in the manner requested by you and in accordance with this policy. collects this information to provide clients/visitors with a specific service. For example, we may use the information provided to us to send relevant updates of topics that may be of interest. We also use the information to respond to information requests. and its related companies and services may develop aggregate reports which incorporate some of the information provided by clients/visitors on a full anonymity basis. The reports are for the use of our business for research purposes only. Such reports will not include any personally identifiable information.
By providing personal information through this site, such as forms requesting publications or additional information, you are indicating your consent to our obtaining personal information from you and to the holding and use of the personal information that is provided by or obtained from you in accordance with this policy. All personal information is processed in accordance with the principles of data protection contained in the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and Directive 95/46/EC.

If, at any time, you receive unsolicited material and no longer wish to receive such material or you wish to change, update or remove all or any of your personal information, please e-mail us.

Disclosure of personal information or its related parties and companies will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise supply to third parties
-private or public- any personal information obtained from clients.
We will not disclose any personal information provided unless you have authorized us to so do, or if we are required to do so by law. Please note that if at any time is required by law to release information about you or your organization, it will cooperate fully with the relevant authorities under the guarantee it does not violate civil liberties and privacy.  

Keeping your personal information secure has security measures designed to protect against the loss, misuse and/or alteration of the information under its control. These include: (a) secure computer storage facilities; (b) encryption of your information while it travels between your computer and our servers; (c) firewalls. has its own firewalls to provide security. These are designed to prevent others from accessing confidential data or accessing the company’s internal networks that may store various data.
Changes to the policy will update this privacy statement as required. If changes to our policy do occur, they will be posted this website so that those affected are always aware of the type of information collected, how the information may be used, and under what circumstances and to whom it may be disclosed by

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