Who are your stakeholders?

Today’s reports have broader stakeholder audiences

e.com report analysts have identified 20 audiences for annual reports and the broader stakeholder relations.
They are charted and listed below.

Who are your stakeholders

Does your (printed and online) report effectively meet their expectations?
Check by yourself how you rate your sustainability/responsibility reporting performance towards each stakeholder category:
Mark 0 to 5.

  1. Management, Board & Committees
  2. Individual shareholders
  3. Large stockholders - Investment & pension funds
  4. Employees-owners
  5. Potential investors - Local
  6. Potential investors - International
  7. Investment & fund/portfolio managers
  8. Current & prospective employees & relatives
  9. Bankers - Insurers
  10. Economists - Industry & market analysts
  11. Accountants & auditors
  12. Competitors & peers
  13. Customers - Suppliers - Subcontractors - Business partners
  14. Market authorities - Regulatory bodies
  15. Policy makers - Country of origin
  16. Policy makers - Host countries
  17. General interest & financial media
  18. Environmental groups & observers
  19. Vicinity & community stakeholders
  20. Lobbies & pressure groups

Best annual reports

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Financial sector annual reports

Evaluation - Competition

Annual reports from the financial sector are no longer selected for the Annual Report on Annual Reports competition for consistency, comparability and credibility reasons. That does not imply that there are not (sometimes very) good and improved reports in the sector. On a customized basis, e.com keeps on evaluating and benchmarking financial sector reports.

How is your report doing?

The report scan

How is your report doing? How does your annual report score on all evaluation criteria used for the Annual Report on Annual Reports?

Order a REPORT SCAN. An edited output of desk research done by e.com report analysts, it provides your company (or advisers) with a summary of pluses and minuses for 25 report items and reporting areas.

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