Investors lie at the heart of corporate and financial reporting

"Investing is trying to predict how other investors will behave."
(John Maynard Keynes)

"Humans are naturally bad investors"
(Edward Chancellor, GMO investment manager, commenting on the work of Daniel Kahneman, a founder of the behavioral school of economics, in Financial Times fm)

"Investor confidence and market efficiency depend on the disclosure of accurate, timely information about corporate performance. To be of value in the global capital markets, disclosed information should be clear, consistent and comparable."
(OECD, Corporate Governance Guidelines)


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Annual reports from the financial sector are no longer selected for the Annual Report on Annual Reports competition for consistency, comparability and credibility reasons. That does not imply that there are not (sometimes very) good and improved reports in the sector. On a customized basis, keeps on evaluating and benchmarking financial sector reports.

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