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The Annual Report on Annual Reports competition is independent and free of charge!
Submit your report any time before June 1
Annual Reports
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Managed by the team of report analysts, the ReportWatch process is primarily based on a selection of 1,500- 2,000-plus listed companies. This is done independently. Based on annual reports' comparability and competitiveness, the list is pared down to a half. Annual reports are then scanned and scored by analysts. Top 300 reports are then submitted to an independent international panel for rating. Then comes the final rating and ranking, published annually (usually at the end of August).
Participating is simple, easy, and... free of charge (though certainly warmly recommended, the use of report evaluation services is no prerequisite to a report submission or entry).
Apart from our own selection, any listed (°) company from any country, market, industry may decide to submit its latest annuals -for any year ended between March 2018 and end of February 2019- for the Annual Report on Annual Reports ranking.
The deadline is June 1. After this cut-off date, ReportWatch reserves the right to select late-coming annuals.

(°) Unlisted companies are most welcome but are subject to the same evaluation criteria as listed ones.
The following are not considered for selection in our competition:
- Financial sector companies (banks, insurance, investment funds, financial holdings) (since 2009);
- Privately owned companies (except those electing to compete);
- Purely government-owned companies (except those electing to compete or those compared to);
- Wholly-owned subsidiaries (except those electing to compete);
- Investment, income, mutual or real estate funds and trusts (except those electing to compete);
- Listed stock exchanges;
- Central banks;
- Development or reconstruction banks and similar financial institutions;
- Public agencies;
- Non-profit organizations from any sector;
- Reports for a previous fiscal year and interim/quarterly reports.

Report Entry form

In case you/your company wants to be sure its annual report has been submitted (you never know!), feel free to use the spaces below, post the link to the report (PDF or HTML) on your website, and add any comment...

You may also send printed copies of your latest annual report (please send all documents to be considered as making up of annuals) as soon as it is available to: - ReportWatch
5 St John's Lane
London EC1M 4BH
United Kingdom


The Annual Report on Annual Reports: Competition

... is the only global survey on annual reports from listed companies. No place for insularity -the world is the marketplace for investor relations too
... was created in 1996 (by a team of financial analysts, economists and communication specialists) and has kept on growing ever since (from 250 companies selected in 1996 to a 1,500-2,000 range today)
... is selective and therefore of course risky! Going for an annual publication means making choices and having a limited amount of time available (see ReportWatch below)
... is based on submissions/entries made by companies only and not by intermediaries. These can propose a report, but this must always be done with the approval of the company
... is built on rock-solid report assessment and scoring criteria -with a strong emphasis on financial, business and strategic content, without overlooking other key report aspects
... is independent of any group, institution, publication, profession. It is financed by our evaluation services to 100-plus corporate clients
... is a no-glitz competition based on report content and its value as an information and communication vehicle. No banquet, "oscar"-style or glitzy ceremony here! (Some say we are very serious –we take it as a compliment!)
... is simple and free of charge: any listed (or other) company may submit its annuals without formalities and mail them any time before the June 1-15 cut-off date
... offers the companies or their advisers the possibility to receive at any time an edited output of our research and a score breakdown by criteria at an affordable price (via the Report Scan)
... features single report ratings and a global report ranking (+ category winners on various key report attributes) based on's internal ReportWatch and the verdict of an independent Report Rating Panel.

The Annual Report on Annual Reports: Entry rules

Our entry rules are pretty simple.
Any company -even not listed (private equity or government-owned) or currently planning a listing (IPO)- may submit its report for rating. However, the report is subject to the same criteria as the ones applying to listed corporations. Any company officer or duly mandated person has the right to decline to participate in our survey and to compete for scoring, rating and ranking.
However, reserves the right to assess, rate and rank any report that is made public or available via public sources such as the Internet et al.
Will not be considered for the selection and competition:
- Annual reports only consisting of a 10-K, 20-F or other legal format without additional report features;
- Privately owned companies (except those electing to compete);
- Purely government-owned companies (except those electing to compete);
- Wholly-owned subsidiaries (except those electing to compete);
- Investment, income, mutual or real estate funds and trusts;
- Listed stock exchanges;
- Central banks;
- Development or reconstruction banks and similar financial institutions;
- Public agencies;
- Non-profit organizations;
- Group submissions made by intermediaries or agencies (which might create bias);
- Reports for a fiscal year before the one considered or interim/quarterly reports.
Selection does not guarantee rating and ranking. Non-listed companies may submit their annuals, which will be subject to the same criteria. Companies may decline to participate, but reserves the right to score any report, based on hard copies or online versions. also reserves the right not to select companies or industries for reasons explained or not. The use of report evaluation services (see below) is no prerequisite to -and no guarantee for- rating or ranking and is independent of the ReportWatch process and the results as published in the Annual Report on Annual Reports. However, a customized -and affordable- Report Scan can give you the score breakdown, comments, strengths and weaknesses of your latest annuals.
Except of course for report mailing costs incurred, participation in the survey is entirely free of charge.


Annual Report on Annual Reports

Best annual reports

Annual Report on Annual Reports 2018

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Financial sector annual reports

Evaluation - Competition

Annual reports from the financial sector are no longer selected for the Annual Report on Annual Reports competition for consistency, comparability and credibility reasons. That does not imply that there are not (sometimes very) good and improved reports in the sector. On a customized basis, keeps on evaluating and benchmarking financial sector reports.

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