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How does your annual report score on all evaluation criteria used for our Annual Report on Annual Reports survey?
Would you like to have a preview (before publication) or a review (after release) of your report score breakdown, as well as comments for each item?
What are your annuals strongest, average and weakest points?
Order our Report Scan, an edited output of our extensive ReportWatch desk research customized for your own use (for editing and copywriting purpose, allow a few weeks for delivery).
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Annual Report on Annual Reports

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December 2017: Phoenix Mecano
Phoenix Mecano
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Financial sector annual reports

Evaluation - Competition

Annual reports from the financial sector are no longer selected for the Annual Report on Annual Reports competition for consistency, comparability and credibility reasons. That does not imply that there are not (sometimes very) good and improved reports in the sector. On a customized basis, keeps on evaluating and benchmarking financial sector reports.

How is your report doing?

The report scan

How is your report doing? How does your annual report score on all evaluation criteria used for the Annual Report on Annual Reports?

Order a REPORT SCAN. An edited output of desk research done by report analysts, it provides your company (or advisers) with a summary of pluses and minuses for 25 report items and reporting areas.

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