What They Say (About the Survey)

"Reporting is not just about complying and following the crowd or the way of the world.”
(The chairman of a Canadian bank, proud of his report rating and ranking in the Annual Report on Annual Reports)

"Some surveys show that investors spend less than ten minutes reading annual reports. If you want to know on which ones you should spend ten minutes -or a bit longer- then keep a close watch on the Annual Report on Annual Reports!”
(A financial analyst in a European investment bank)

"Your report competition makes a great contribution to the overall goal of more transparency and more efficient markets. I cannot stress how important the Annual Report on Annual Reports and the ReportWatch website are in improving reports. I am always excited to see how we compared to other annual reports.”
(The head of investor relations of a large mining group)

"We are taking part in various annual report awards and other investor relations competitions, but the one we take more seriously is the Annual Report on Annual Reports for its accuracy, balanced assessment, and a real international exposure."
(A Canadian investor relations officer)

"Serious evaluation criteria, emphasis placed on strategy and financials, no national bias."
(A German financial journalist about the Annual Report on Annual Reports)

”The Annual Report on Annual Reports is a truly international competition focused on the reports themselves, without those big self-glorifying national celebrations and glitzy awards.”
(A German company financial communication specialist)

”Aptly named, a watchdog group that tracks report transparency and availability”
(CFO Asia Magazine about the Annual Report on Annual Reports)

”Based on the report output as judged in the Annual Report on Annual Reports, with that emphasis placed on financial and investor information, I could sometimes be ready to change up to 20% of my investment portfolio.”
(A London-based investment portfolio adviser)

”Read up your latest ranking of best reports, ordered some among the top 30, and bought some stock in a number of them.”
(A Canadian investor)

”I believe it is safe to say that we've never received such a comprehensive review of our effort by a third party. Your thorough review of our financial reporting sections (rarely conducted in such detail by your U.S. peers) and your comparisons to our previous report are especially welcome.”
(The IRO of a financial-services Midwestern American firm)

”We have found that benchmarking exercise as useful -even though sometimes painful!- to our reporting practice as it is with other tools for improving our own products.”
(The investor relations officer of a leading European IT blue chip)

”Since we discovered the excellent Annual Report on Annual Reports, we have benefited enormously from the evaluation services we commissioned. In addition, the comprehensive yearly survey that contains a wealth of useful information continues to assist us in our quest to improve our reporting. Although we have improved our position, we are conscious of many areas where we should focus our energies...”
(The corporate publications manager at a major oil company)

”Worthy of note: those best picks on various report attributes. These yardsticks are plucked in every sector and country, with a number of surprises each year. Very helpful to our reporting process!”
(An investor relations officer)


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