Making Reports Pay Off

Report evaluation and benchmarking services by provides report evaluation tools and reporting assessment services to help companies strive for higher reporting standards.

The bottom lines:

  • Mirror company value
  • Show investor value
  • Enhance report value
  • Increase stakeholder value

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Q: What are the major plus and minus points in the annual report?

A: A Quick Scan answers.
Benefit: A brief rundown of strong and weak points of the PDF or HTML report (sent via email only).

Q: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the latest annual report?

A: A Report Scan sums up.
Benefit: A scan of how report items match the 25 evaluation criteria used for the Annual Report on Annual Reports.

Q: How does the report compare with a major competitor’s one?

A: A Report Match compares.
Benefit: Compares, scores and comments on how two peers’ reports stack up on 25 report items. 

Q: How does the company report on 40 report items and reporting areas?

A: A thorough Annual Report Screening answers.
Benefit: Screens and marks 40 reporting areas and items (online or in print) re. online features, financials, strategy, segments, share, risk, sustainability, theme, message, visuals...

Q: How does the report compare with industry peers, best practice, or investment alternatives?

A: A Peer Group Benchmarking gauges.
Benefit: Benchmarks and rates a report against a peer group on all major report areas and indicators –with an aggregate scorecard and tips.