How is Your Report Doing?
Two Scanning Options

The Report Scan

What is your report rating? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your latest annual report? How does it score –in total and on all evaluation criteria used for the Annual Report on Annual Reports?

Order a REPORT SCAN. An edited output (°) of desk research done by report analysts, it provides your company (or advisers) with the score breakdown for 25 report items and a summary of pluses and minuses for each of them.

(°) For copywriting and editing reasons allow a few weeks for Scan delivery.

The price? € 1,300 or US$ 1,500 or £ 1,200.

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The Quick Scan

What are the major plus and minus points in your annual report?

Order the QUICK SCAN. A brief rundown of strong and weak points of the PDF or HTML report. An affordable way to have a glance at report pluses and minuses (e.g. for non-listed companies, IPOs, agencies, first-time users).

 The price: € 650 or US$ 750 or £ 600.  

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