e.com specializes in report input, evaluation, analysis and benchmarking.
Our goal is to help our customers improve their “reporting bottom lines”, by reflecting company value, enhancing report value, showing investor value, and finally increasing stakeholder value.
e.com has developed an international, independent, integrated, content-based and competitive approach to assess and compare annual reports -in print and online- as well as other investor information instruments and corporate/market communication tools.
Our founders, staff and network have operated in 30 countries and consulted for 180 companies on more than 400 reporting operations and reviews; from Amsterdam to Tokyo, Stockholm to Vancouver, Hong Kong to Illinois. Our direct customers are CFOs, IR officers, CC managers, report teams of listed blue chips. Our clientele also includes spin-offs, IPOs, consultants, analysts, communication/PR/IR and design agencies….
A spin-off from The Enterprise Group (est. 1986, inc. 1990, liq. 1999), e.com is now a U.S.-U.K. venture. The company is independent and not affiliated with any bank, government, accounting, auditing or rating institution or professional organization.
With headquarters in Delaware (U.S.), head office in London, and staff and network partners based near major financial centers in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, e.com is in the loop on reporting standards, investor and stakeholder expectations, and best practices.


ReportWatch is the denominator, trademark and website for the report monitoring, scanning, scoring and rating process that results in the Annual Report on Annual Reports.
Created in 1996, and based both on e.com’s internal desk research and an external panel of reporting specialists, the survey of annual reports’ best practice is widely regarded as the most comprehensive, independent and authoritative global survey on annual reporting.

e.com - ReportWatch  

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Annual Report on Annual Reports

A publication of e.com.
Publisher and Editor: Mike Guillaume.
Report Watch research, scanning and scoring: e.com staff, interns and network supervised by Mike Guillaume, with Franklin Manchester, Tim Williams.
Senior survey consultant: Vero Escarmelle.
Panel members: Susan Blesener, Vero Escarmelle, Helena Fournial, Mike Guillaume, Kaevan Gazdar, Diana Hayden, Reg Pauffley, Pradip Seth.
Report concept: e.com-echo.
Web design and layout: Inventis.
ISSN 1782-1037
Survey and research methodology created in 1996 at The Enterprise Group.
Copying for other than personal or internal company reference is prohibited.
Quoting is authorized with prior permission of the publisher. Companies are free to use rating and ranking references for investor, media and public relations purpose.
Additional copies of this report and back copies of previous issues may be downloaded from www.reportwatch.net or ordered (free of charge) to e.com.
All prices for report evaluation services advertised in this publication are subject to change, due to currency fluctuations, company policy, or modified product content.
The material included in this publication does not represent an advice or offer to buy, sell or trade the securities related to companies herein referred to.
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