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e.com has developed an international, independent, integrated and competitive approach to report evaluation. Over the years we have set up services and tools to help companies (blue chips and others) produce better -and greater- reports.

Our customers span many countries and industries. A presentation of report assessment and benchmarking services can be found here.

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How does your annual report score on all evaluation criteria used for the Annual Report on Annual Reports?

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With global trends such as fake news, where facts and figures are ambiguous, companies need to provide their stakeholders with accurate and reliable information. The annual report has been reviewed by auditors; it has been read, approved and sealed by both the board and the management. That makes this document hugely important. There is no other content produced and published from a company that has that level of authenticity.

Staffan Lindgren, chief executive officer, Comprend, digital corporate communications (Stockholm, London).

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