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December 2009
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Första AP-Fonden

Stockholm, Sweden

Report Facts

Company name: Första AP-Fonden
Fiscal year end: December 31, 2008
Report title: Annual report 2008
Chairman of the Board: Anna Hedborg
Managing Director: Johan Magnusson
Number of books: One
Report length: 80 pages
Auditors: Ernst & Young AB
Production and design: Första AP-Fonden with Hallvarsson & Halvarsson

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The Swedish pension system can be likened to a pyramid in which the national retirement pension forms the base, the supplementary occupational pension comprises the mid-layer and the top consists of voluntary, private pension savings. The AP-fonden (funds) are part of the national retirement pension system.
(As explained in the Annual Report pp 12-13)


The Swedish parliament has assigned Första AP-fonden the mission of managing part of the national income pension system’s assets. Första AP-fonden shall achieve the highest possible returns on the fund’s asets, with well-balanced financial risks, and thereby contribute to high and predictable long-term retirement pensions for current and future pensioners.
(Annual Report source) (Italics are own company’s words)

Key Figures

Closing net assets: SEK 171.6 billion
Net investment income: (SEK 48 billion)
Total return (before expenses): -21.7%
Active return (before expenses): -0.7%
Currency exposure: 22.2%
(Source: 2008 figures sourced from the annual report)

Triple A

> Outstandingly thorough Highlights, setting forth a five-year overview, active return contribution, asset exposure to different regions, a description of asset classes and return.
> Year’s dramatic chain of events and its repercussions honestly put in perspective. Better than in dozens of private or public sector financial institutions’ reports.
> Clear description of the mission, the context, the asset management model and their implications on the scope of activities.
> Goals and strategies smartly mapped out.
> Five-year overview rich in ratios.
> Very good and clearly put review of operations (see Selected Pages).

Double A

> Simple, clear and effective layout and circle-by-circle report thread.
> Well-structured and user-friendly online version, downloadable in short sections.
> Strong use of charts, graphs, diagrams, maps.
> Governance section shows the participation in companies’ shareholder meetings.

Simple A

> Risk factors and management addressed, yet insufficiently developed.
> Accounting and valuation principles could be more elaborate.
> Pictures do their placard-carrying job.

B Sides

> Report ending and back covers not used.
> Couldn’t statements span over three years?
> Notes to statements are much too short and lack comments.

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Selected Pages

(pp 44-45 of Första AP-Fonden Annual Report 2008)
pp 44-45 of Första AP-Fonden Annual Report 2008 pp 44-45 of Första AP-Fonden Annual Report 2008
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