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Best annual reports

Annual Report on Annual Reports 2014
How is your report doing? The report scan

How is your report doing? How does your annual report score on all evaluation criteria used for the Annual Report on Annual Reports?

Order a REPORT SCAN. An edited output of desk research done by report analysts, it provides your company (or advisers) with a summary of pluses and minuses for 25 report items and reporting areas.

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Financial reporting missteps

Twenty mistakes seen in financial reports
Key financial reporting missteps

Report essentials

The essence of reporting.
Thoughts and tools for report makers

How have annual reports fared?

Historical report ranking index

How have annual reports fared? Track your and others' report ranking in the Annual Report on Annual Reports over more than a decade.
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Communication specialists and report designers

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No. 1 Annual Reports

A gallery of report covers

N° 1 Annual Reports
Look at the reports ranked n° 1 in the Annual Report on Annual Reports since the launch of our survey

Welcome to ReportWatch

Keeping a close watch on company reports...
Benchmarking and reporting best practice...
Across the board and around the world... ReportWatch

The main economic influence of share price moves is indirect, and basically negative.
Top managers spend too much time watching the stock market.
Although activist investors can occasionally clarify their thinking, managers would usually be well advised to ignore the market price and rely instead on their superior knowledge as insiders.

Edward Hadas, Economics Editor at Reuters Breakingviews.

Best annual reports

Last year's ratings and ranking
Annual Report on Annual Reports

  • Who ranked where?
  • How reports were rated.
  • Best practice for 15 attributes.
  • Industry report benchmarking.
  • The report rating panel

Report of the month

April 2014: SWEDBANK

Best practice: Performance highlights

TOYOTA Annual Report 2013

Annual Report Benchmarking

Courier delivery and logistics
Annual reports 2013
Note: Operations include sustainability. Investors include governance.

What is your report worth?

Reporting evaluation and benchmarking
What is your report worth? has developed an international, independent, integrated and competitive approach to report evaluation. Over the years we have set up services and tools to help companies (blue chips and others) produce better -and greater- reports.

Our customers span many countries and industries. A presentation of report assessment and benchmarking services can be found here.

Reports from the Financial sector

Annual Report on Annual Reports - Evaluation tools
Financial sector reporting has a solid track record in the assessment and benchmarking of reports from the financial sector. Actually, that's where and how we started our report evaluation business, back in the 90s. Since then, we have kept on providing evaluation services to some financial institutions who strive for higher reporting standards and best practice.

However, for consistency, comparability and credibility reasons (chalk it up to the latest financial crises and other stress factors) it has been decided not to select financial sector institutions for the Annual Report on Annual Reports these last years. This does not imply that there are not high-quality reports in the sector. has therefore developed specific evaluation tools for the financial sector.

Report, Google and watch

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Has a/your (company) report/name been mentioned, watched, rated, ranked, benchmarked, cited on ReportWatch?
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Type the (company) name followed by ReportWatch (in one word) and see if you get results.

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Best practice, good and less good reports just spotted by the team.
Rating previews. More links for report makers, analysts, advisers, investors, stakeholders.
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What users say

Users and customers' views

"Based on the report output as judged in the Annual Report on Annual Reports, with such an emphasis placed on financial and investor information and a good mix of assessment criteria, I would sometimes be ready to change up to 20% of my investment portfolio.”

A London-based investment portfolio adviser

More user/customer views

Is your online reporting up?

Online reporting and IR website assessment

Is your online reporting up? Websites are increasingly used as communication channels to investors and other stakeholders. They supplement or even replace partly or wholly the traditional printed documents. They have to be reckoned with. has set up two specific evaluation services: the Online Annual Report Screening and the Investor Relations Website Review. More about the Online Annual Report Screening here. More details about the Investor Relations Website Review, as well as a presentation of all report assessment and benchmarking services can be found here.

A report on capitalism

Capitalism reported's founder and manager Mike Guillaume wears two hats -financial reporting specialist and international economist- and has got good vantage points for watching companies, economies and economics work (or not). In the new expanded edition of his thought-provoking book, he reviews capitalism's deadly sins (and what's left of the system's virtues) and proposes a toolbox for reinventing a model.